Guys with Kids – Season 1 Episode 11

This is one of my favorite new shows of the season, and probably my second favorite new sitcom, second to The New Normal. Given that this show is just half an hour and doesn’t have long drawn out plots, this might be one of the shows that gets dropped from my recaps, but it’s a charming half hour I look forward to every week.

This week’s episode was lighthearted and fun, as they all are. Set against the background of Sheila not leaving Ernie’s side until he said his first word, the episode was full of flashbacks meant to find out exactly who was to blame for Sheila being a constant part of everyone’s lives. Rally, everyone had a hand in it, and blame was passed from Sheila to Nick to Chris to baby Ernie and finally to Emily, who gladly saddled the burden. The episode also showed how Gary and Marny joined the gang, which was my favorite part. Anthony Anderson getting punched by a Russian nanny… I could watch that scene on loop for quite a while.

I honestly don’t have too many complaints about this show. I think it’s funny and light and everything a half hour should be. Sometimes the characters can feel a bit forced, especially Sheila, but hey, it’s a sitcom, what else do you want?


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