Big Bang Theory – Season 6 Episode 12

This is probably my favorite of all sitcoms on TV. It’s funny and fresh and absolutely perfect for the nerd in me. I’m proud to be a nerd. I love Star Trek and Star Wars and Doctor Who and sci-fi and all that stuff, so really, this show was made with me in mind. I watch it every time it’s on TV and love every second of it.

The big plot this week involved Leonard and Sheldon’s assistant, Alex. I don’t like Alex. Mainly this is because I have shipped Penny and Leonard since day one and I will defend them until the dawn of time from any hussies coming in and trying to steal that bespectacled hobbit away from the blond beauty that is Penny. Anyway, it’s completely understandable that Leonard would get joy from being hit on because let’s face it, Alex is really pretty, but then of course Sheldon had to stick his nose into it.

I love Sheldon, I really do. His perpetual cluelessness about all things “normal” and desire to make everyone see things logically like he does is just so endearing, and even when it’s annoying I love it. I would also pay money to sit on his “Council of Ladies,” which I just did, because I hopped my happy little hind end over to Cafepress and ordered it while writing this post. It will find a happy place to rest in my closet, right next to my Friendship Algorith, Bazinga, and Soft Kitty shirts. I have a problem, don’t judge me.

Anyway, back to the recap. Of course, Sheldon’s attempts to hide the truth from the girls ended in disaster and hilarity, and ended with him trying to handle Alex himself… which then landed him in Human Resources on a sexual harassment complaint. Poor Sheldon, forever naive. And also a tattle tale. Though seeing all four boys lined up for the office was really adorable. Of course the Human Resources Officer was female, so there was the obligatory Raj with alcohol conversation. Honestly, I’m sort of getting tired of that story line. I appreciate that he is insecure around women, but one would think that since the sixth season is halfway through, they would make some progress towards curing him at least a little bit. I just want some progress people.

Also, Leonard and the cello. Pure cuteness.


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