Project Runway All Stars – Season 2 Episode 10

Ahhh fashion. I love clothes. I hate buying clothes and trying clothes on, but I love watching other people make clothes and then get judged on those clothes. I also love All Stars of pretty much anything, since I already know at least some of the contestants and have someone to root for.

It’s almost the finale of Project Runway All Stars, and really, I like all four of the contestants that are left. I’m Team Joshua all the way, but really any of the four could win and it would be a successful season. Seriously, if Suede or, heaven forbid, Andre were going to the finale I would probably not be able to watch. Blech.

This week’s challenge was about designing for four female military veterans all headed to different events, and really, there were successes all around, though some more than others. So we’ll just take this designer by designer.

Joshua – I loved his client and I loved his dress and really kind of want it for myself. Dying the leopard print dark green was a perfect idea, and using it in the trim with a translucent fabric was pure genius. No wonder the boy won! I was a little worried that he would forget about her service dog, Isaac, but when he remembered to make an outfit for the pooch? Great idea.

Anthony Ryan – First of all, I totally get where his client was coming from, not being used to her curves. I’m curvier now that I would like, so I get it. But really ladies, if you’ve got a big chest, there’s really nothing you can do about it without bringing too much attention to other, less wonderful parts of your anatomy. If you’ve got big girls, show them off. They’re worth it. Besides, his dress really didn’t do anything to hide her chest, it was the ONLY thing I saw, especially given that weird neckline. He was lucky not to get eliminated, which is a shame, because I know he can do better. Especially given last week’s dress, which was absolutely perfection.

Emilio – He’s probably my least favorite of the four left, but I still like him. Not a HUGE fan of the yellow dress though. The dress itself was a good idea, but the colors were funky and the back was off center, and it just wasn’t quite “finished.” He just needed a little more time, I think.

Uli – I love her and I loved her dress. It was beautiful, and I don’t care what the judges said, I love the embellishment. I thought she was going to win over Joshua. It would have been fine if she did, because it was a gorgeous dress.

Honestly, I’m not surprised no one was eliminated. It’s becoming a pattern in both regular and all stars. It’s how they squeeze another episode out, even when they really don’t need one. I am interested in seeing what this mysterious challenge that few designers have ever taken on is. Should be a good show.

And finally. Dear Joanna, I do love you, but you are no Tim Gunn. When is the regular season coming back?


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